Kapture Hotel CRM Software brings you to fore-front of hospitality industry. It combines contracting System, Cloud booking managment, Integrated payment gateways, paychannel management etc...
Kapture CRM's integrated sales tracking software delivers an unified dashboard interface for managing every sales activity.The sales tracking software ensures that you are handling your leads in the most efficient manner.
Kapture Lead management CRM acquires and streamlines your prospects to single dashboard and the Lead Management System ensures early on-time lead response.
Kapture FMCG CRM Software is a fully-customized software for managing your distributor and retailer network. With CRM mobile app, you can process your order faster and efficient.
Ticket management software assigns customer issues to employee from a single dashboard. Ticket management system helps get task done on time without error .
Holistic Investment is one of the leading financial advisory services in chennai,India.It helps you to take investment planning and wealth management decision very easier.
Green World Slimming Capsule (GWSC) Biolo adalah produk pelangsing herbal dengan komposisi utama bahan-bahan alami berkhasiat yang diracik dan diolah dengan ilmu kedokteran dan teknologi modern sehingga menghasilkan produk yang berkualitas. Program penurunan berat badan dengan GWSC sangat aman, mudah, praktis dan tidak bertentangan dengan kaidah pola hidup yang sehat.
Free online demo explains you how Kapture CRM manages qualifies leads, contacts, improves customer care and resolves issues.